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Monday, June 15th 2009, 6:56pm

is TSS ruining tag for everyone?

Sender : Gilthandariel Subject : No subject
Date : 14.06.2009 18:46

What is your problem?

We all play this game for fun, and I had agreed to fight for DARK before you announced un SB that CLS needed to be taken out of battle.

Why do you insist on spoiling the game for others?

Recipient list: Sauve, myr

1st, i didnt take CLS out of the battle. 2nd i did not announce they need to be taken out. I said I was going to declare on them but couldnt becuase it was to soon since last time I declared. I have no control over what battle spoilers did.

Recipient list: Gilthandariel, myr

Sender : Gilthandariel Subject : RE: RE: No subject
Date : 14.06.2009 20:30

But if you said nothing at all what would have happened?

Recipient : Gilthandariel
Subject : RE: RE: RE: No subject
Date : 14.06.2009 20:32

i guess we will never know

Sender : Gilthandariel Subject : RE: RE: RE: RE: No subject
Date : 14.06.2009 20:37

I still fail to understand why you want to spoil this game for others... CLS in particular.

I don't suppose it will make a difference but I have lodged a complaint with GAS.

Recipient : Gilthandariel
Subject : RE: RE: RE: RE: RE: No subject...
Date : 14.06.2009 20:47

omg, want some crackers to go with that wine? boohoo, this player is picking on us, he is doing what we do, and its not fair. he shouldnt be allowed to be a merc hord and attack other hordes.

Sender : Gilthandariel Subject : No subject
Date : 14.06.2009 20:56

Actually I don't like cheese or wine, so no thank you.

As for you doing what we do, well you're not. We have a full, active horde of friends and we play to have fun, and have never declared on anyone.

You have a small horde of low level puppets and continually declare on other hordes to spoil the game for others.

So please feel free to take your cheese and wine and go grow up and get a life.

Oh and finally, please enjoy being on CLS rotation.

You should put us on rotation too, what with you trying to be just like us and everything.


Recipient : Gilthandariel
Subject : RE: No subject
Date : 14.06.2009 21:00

yaawwwwnnnn, you are starting to bore me


Monday, June 15th 2009, 7:45pm


This is so not the way to solve this issue. This is between TSS, CLS, and ADMIN, not the whole world of TAG. Your posting of this was completely low class and childish. I suggest that you delete your post ad keep it to PM.





Monday, June 15th 2009, 8:05pm

I'd like to thank Sauve, for taking what was a private conversation and sharing it with the world.




Monday, June 15th 2009, 8:39pm

I had been sitting this out..

But I am flatly appalled by this action Sauve. You could have posted you question without throwing whole conversations out on the forum. If you had issue with the PM's you should have forwarded the complete conversation to Admin and let them sort it out.
Your intention was not the question at all, but rather to continue in an as inflammatory and disruptive fashion as possible. This is exactly the point... your purpose here in TAG has very apparently become a mission of malicious actions for your own amusement.

I would hope that you lodge you complaints with Admin at this point and that moving forward you show some character and use the proper channels :!:

Myr and the Indomitable Pirate Penguins
Warlord ~CLS Savages~
Myr and the Indomitable Pirate Penguins


Tuesday, June 16th 2009, 3:06am

actually, I have been accused by Gil of ruining tag for everyone. I just want everyones oppinion. The only thing I have done is declared against CLS once. Oh no, I am playing a game. If the majority of tag think I am ruining the game I will stop. But I have to ask, have you been all up in arms about battle spoilers? the have been declaring against EM for a while now. I have done nothing out of the normal. I don't understand why you guys are so upset. I have nothing to say to admin. I am not trying to be "as inflammatory and disruptive fashion as possible". I honestly do not know what I have done to warrent such hatered. As i said, I declared on CLS once, And before I did I asked Myr if he had anything going on becuase I was planning on declaring on him. And it is not just between CLS, TSS and Admin. I have been accused of ruining the game for everyone, so I believe I should get the opinion of everyone. Tell me what I have done that is so disruptive?

This game has gotten to be so rutine, once every other week is a DB. within 10 minutes of that we have 1 of Tags two factions declaring on the other, then the following week we dont have a db, but we have one of the two factions declaring on the other. So I have been declaing 2 or 3 battles a week. My horde loses, everyone gets a little exp. Is it just that you dont like the rutine disrupted?

BTW GIL, in reply to "But if you said nothing at all what would have happened?" None of battle spoilers have premium, so none of them see the SB. so My commenting didnt make a difference.


Tuesday, June 16th 2009, 3:24am

I don't have a problem with what you do Sauve but, IMHO, you could have asked for opinions without posting PMs.


Tuesday, June 16th 2009, 3:33am

The bigger question

I never post here in the forum, but frequently peruse for information or goings on and really think that with respect to this thread I felt like chipping in my .02 worth.

The question really is not about TSS per se, but about merc/'anti-merc' hordes. As being the very first horde casualty of such an action (EOD had a horde deal with Elite Mercs) roughly two months ago or so, where we had Elite Mercs supporting our battle, I initially thought it was a chicken $hit move by the horde that implemented it, as it really disrupted my well planned battle with minimal effort. Then I thought about it further and deeper and realized the simple 'genius' of such a strategy which effectively operates to mitigate these slam dunk battle results just because Horde 'A' took a week to secure an EM or CLS or BOP, DOW, or whomever in their battle plan against Horde 'B'. Effectively, Elite Mercs also apparently recognized this as after the second such 'interference' they changed their horde structure. So, within that framework, as I see it, the rise/growth of these anti-merc hordes is just a simple by product of those hordes that were creatively finding new strategies to fight back against heavyweight merc hordes.

Now with respect to this spat between Sauve / CLS, that's a matter of personalities and an obvious misunderstanding.

Anyway, that's my thoughts on the matter for whatever reason I felt compelled to share them. :sleeping:

Okara Stonefield


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Tuesday, June 16th 2009, 4:52am

It seems to me that strategies change and evolve as the game matures. Someone somewhere is always coming up with a new idea - some work and some don't. For a while merc hordes were a useful tool and rightly so. Then for a while they got so big that hordes were afraid to have battles if they couldn't afford merc prices. Many low level players dropped out because there were too many battles with little or no compensation. Full healing costs in exchange for 1 or 2 XP just wasn't worth it.

Then we had hordes that declared against merc hordes and hordes that hired mercs! That was very messy, especially since traditionally, declaring against merc hordes is a big no. It is still frowned upon. Hordes disbanded. Players quit.

Now we have healing huts. This makes it difficult for mercs to get as many diamonds or tixx deals that for some are the only way to pay MEs for the high level rares and DB glowies. Without diamonds it's tough to compete with the players with deep pockets. Without tixx, many cannot afford to play at all. And it interferes with the flow of the game, preventing allies from assisting each other. And it creates resentment. In turn, the anti-merc horde players are landing on rotation lists - eventually they will tire of it and either move on to other hordes or quit. Somehow, it's just not perceived of as an honourable game strategy. Granted, they get paid in tixx but ... anti-merc mercenary hordes seem a bit of a redundancy at this point.

While the mercs have enjoyed a solid run of good fortune the game is evolving and taking on a life of its own. Perhaps it is the manner of comments in the SB that riles folks up rather than the actual declarations against them. For the most part the merc hordes are honourable. A few are just set up by shysters that few respect just so that only their own merc hordes get hired by the big hordes. Despicable, dishonourable and lacking in class IMHO .

I for one will always volunteer my support CLS regardless of healing hut level. They are good people, good friends, good players and add a great liveliness to the life of the SB. I will do the same for a few of the other merc hordes, too.

It will be interesting to see how this latest strategy works out over the next few weeks.

:rolleyes: I should write a paper on how the politics of RPGs grow and evolve with time & population, as representative of RL.
Official Cookie Maker to the Tagorian nation

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Tuesday, June 16th 2009, 5:12am


As I told you previously both in my last post and via PM.... I had no desire to be a part of this conversation. I did not PM except in response to yours, I have not bopped you recently.. so I obviously do not have you on rotation.

I also told you that I did not witness the alleged statement that triggered this whole affair, and therefore would stay out of it. The only point I made was that the stories as to what happened obviously didn't match. I thought at that time may participation in this was at its end.

I was quite happily ignoring this entire issue right up to the point that you posted in the manner you did. At which time I responded, and did so vehemently .. I do not deny this in the least. I am a Savage.... for those of you who do not know what that means to us... I will stand with, defend, and otherwise support each and everyone of the Savages.. good, bad or indifferent.. it is our way.

I find it difficult to believe that despite anything else that has or has not happened.. that an otherwise intelligent person, posted in the manner that you did with anything but malicious intent.

My participation in this discussion is at its end... I would recommend everyone do the same and allow things to resolve themselves quietly without any further verbal clashes to stoke the embers.

Myr and the Indomitable Pirate Penguins
Warlord ~ CLS Savages ~
Myr and the Indomitable Pirate Penguins

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