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Thursday, July 3rd 2008, 3:32pm

Beginner's Tips

I. General
II. Questions
III. Tagoria Glossary

I. General:

1. Tagoria is a browser game
That means:
-All you need to play is an internet connection and an internet broswer.
-The game is played by clicking links and waiting to see the outcomes of events (it sounds boring, but after a couple of days you'll be hooked ;) )

2.You are a warrior in the land of Tagoria. Your goals:

-To improve your skills and equipment
-To pit yourself against other players
-To defeat monsters

- If you want to write in the ShoutBox, don't forget to have an SF first (see below), otherwise you will be attacked.
- When you log out, secure your amber stones (either by improving your skills or by buying healing remedies which you can either use or sell later), and send your character to work.
- Always fight with as much LP as possible.

II. Questions that beginners often have:

Registering for a world:

All worlds are the same, expect for one difference. World with higher numbers were started later on, i.e., they're newer, younger worlds. This gives new players a chance to play a world from the beginning. We recommend new players join the youngest world.

Can I have an account in world 1, world 2, world 3, world 4 ...?

Yes, you can have an account in each game world.

Can I use my premium tickets in a different world?
Tickets can only be used in the world in which they were purchased.


1.What is a SF?
SF = Security Fight. After a fight you are protected from attack for one hour. You can use this time for activities such as plundering.

2.Where can I go to accept missions?
Go to the Druid in the village, and you will be given a quest. All quests take place in the mountains.

3. Where can I get diamonds?
You can exchange a premium ticket for diamonds. Sometimes, you will get diamonds from the druid for successfully completing a mission.

4. Can I join a horde?
You can join a horde from level 6 onwards.

5. How do I reach a higher level?
When you fight and plunder, you gain EP (experience points). Once you have a certain amount of EP (you can see the exact amount you need by going to your "Character" page), you will be promoted to the next level.

6. Why have I not been promoted to the next level, although I have the right amount of EP?
You need 1 more EP to get to the next level.

7. Why can I only buy weapons at the blacksmith, and not other items?
Up until level 2, you can only buy weapons at the blacksmith, and not other items. You will be able to buy more items when you reach a higher level.

8. What are Divine Favors, and what are they good for?
Divine Favor points are points that you can receive from the druid for successfully completing a mission. You can use them to temporarily increase your stats.

9. Where do I get rune stones and what are they for?
If you are lucky, you will get a rune stone from the druid as a reward for successfully completing your mission. Once you have all the rune stones in a set, you will receive a bonus.

10. How do I get amber stones?
You can earn amber stones through:
Work (Duration: min. 1 hour ; Salary: At first, not much, but it increases with your level ; no minimum level of LP is required ; work takes place on the farm, which you can find in the village; whilst you are at work you cannot do anything else)
Plunders (Duration: 10 min. ; Booty: If you win, up to 300 AS, if you lose 0AS ; The more LP you have, the greater your chances of winning; plundering takes place in the mountains; whilst you are plundering, you cannot do anything else)
Fights (Duration: You must wait 5 mins after each fight ; Booty: 5-10% of your opponents amber stones if you win; The more LP you have, the greater your chances of winning; You can fight by clicking "Attack" ; during the 5 mins after a fight you can do everything except fight or plunder)

11. How do I get mission points and action points?
You have 6 AP ( Premium: 12) And 3 MP (Premium: 6) per day. You receive new AP and MP every day at midnight. Unused points are lost at the end of the day.


SB – Shoutbox
EP – Experience points
LP – Life Points
AP – Action points
MP – Mission points
SF – Security fight
AS - Amber stones
Dias - Diamonds