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13.10.2008, 14:17

Sitting Rules!


* Haul
* Plunder/ quest
* SF
* Buy remedies
* Join battles
* Work
* Train stats, but only if given specific directions by the owner of the account.


* Buy or sell equipment
* Sell remedies
* Declare battle
* Hit your account with the account you are sitting, or vice versa
* Trade items between your account and the account you are sitting.
* Sit the account for more than a month
* Merc
* Buy/ use tickets
* Chat in the SB
* Arena


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28.11.2008, 14:13

New Sitting Rule

If you are sitting an account can you please make note of it in your
profile, or rather the profile of the user who you are sitting for.
Please tell us who you are and how long you are planning to stay there(
no longer than a month!)

This saves any nasty business of false accusations and tears before bed-time. :thumbup:


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14.05.2009, 16:02

Sitter Function

The Update that was installed on 05.05.2009 provided a new Sitter Function.

It is now possible to allow your account to be sat without giving the sitter any private and confidential information, such as your password.

To use the Sitter Function, click on Character -> Diplomacy. On the right side you can insert a name of a player who you would like sit you account. On the right side you will see the player that is currently sitting your account.

You can only be sat by one player. You can however sit multiple accounts.

When you click on Login, then you will be led directly to the account that you are sitting. There you can do the necessary chores such as work, quests and buying healing/using remedies. There are functions that you do not have access. This is for the security of the player that is being sat.
We strongly recommend that you use this function when you are unavailable to play Tagoria.
Under no circumstances should you give your password to another players.