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13.02.2012, 17:13

Yes you are right my friend!!
so I thought that this hordes will stay with their members but they won't be able to get new members until they will have a place..!
An example: (Suppose the maximum is 25)
and the horde have: 34/25 if they want new members they need to kick 10 members but they don't have to!! Also it's can take time like: every two weeks kick 1 member...

your friend Shay!
Browser games expert!


"Tagoria-the best browser game I ever played"


15.02.2012, 21:42 see already some problems that cant be solved to make sure everyone have the same starting point (opportunitys)

also didnt understand what I was tlling about "SUPER HORDES"



Finally; I have experienced in W5Eng how it can turn out. In the early
days some peeps (incl. me) formed a small horde (but with the number
1-8 in ranking). Ofcourse this horde was unbeateble and this horde was
always capable of twisting battles in favour of the one who wanted to
pay dias (hire us). I dont think this should be happening again !
Sorry but I didn't understand...

READ IT CAREFULLY ...and make sure you understand,,,,,,,,,cos its an eyeopener


16.02.2012, 13:35

Sorry but I didn't understand what's the problem now...
Browser games expert!


"Tagoria-the best browser game I ever played"