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29.05.2008, 10:15

Character Values

Your character has five skills which can be trained individually. They are: Strength, Skill, Flexibility, Stamina and Precision.

Experience points (EP) show you when your character achieves the next level.
Skillpoints (SP) can be used to improve your skills.

You get EPs through man-to-man fights (attacks) or throug raids. This means that you have to fight to get EPs.

(the EP bar as shown in the Character screen)

The EP bar is subdivided into four parts. Each time you reach a line you get 2 SP. If the bar is full, you get a level increase and 4 SP. In this way you get a total of 10 SP evenly distributed per level.

You can improve your skills by wearing items.

(Skill values and increases as they are shown on the Inventory screen)




26.02.2009, 16:51

Question 1: Why are my Properties-Stats wrong?

Answer 1: When you use an item that is of a higher level than the level of your character,then the difference in the levels will be subtracted from your current stats.

Answer 2) When you are in your cave, you receive extra defence points such as Cave entrance points, Cave Guard etc (if you have deployed these features). However when you are working, plundering etc (i.e not in your cave) then your defence is not as high.

Question 2: My Regeneration is slower than it states! Why?

Your Regeneration amounts to 20 Life Points per hour. If you upgraded your cave and you are at home (not working, plundering etc) then you will regenerate at the speed in which it states in your Cave. If you are not at home, this will not be the case.

Question 3: I enchanted the item above my level but it did nothing to my stats.

If you have bought an item that reduces your stats, for example Dexterity and Strength , you should enchant the skills Dexterity and Strength on this item. This will even out the skills that were taken away when you first equipped this item. If you enchant a skill that is not Dexterity or Strength, then it will have no effect.