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Demon Stabber


  • "Demon Stabber" - автор темы

записи: 293

Место жительства: Berlin

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10.12.2010, 15:36

What is the optimal skill distribution?

There is no right answer here. The optimal skill distribution rests with the individual player depending on the strategy they choose. You might, for instance, prefer to emphasise agility and dexterity, so that you frequently initiate actions, evade well, and land hits often. However, these advantages would come at an expense. You must then accept that when you land a hit it will deal less damage, and when hit yourself you will take more damage.

You could also keep your skills evenly balanced. With this approach you would have no particular weakness, but, by the same token, no particular strengths either.

The new system allows you customise your own preferences much more. There are many tactical possibilities (above all thought in context with your companion) which we leave to you to find out for yourselves.