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17.06.2010, 10:53

How to: Buy Transferable Premium Tickets

In the game, there are two types of tickets you can buy: transferable and non-transferable. Transferable tickets allow you to credit the effects to another player's account (give another player diamonds, or premium status, etc.) To buy a transferable ticket, you must use one of the specific payment methods listed in the details given below.

  • Tickets bought by bank transfer , or using eBank2Pay, Ukash , cashU or Moneybookers may be redeemed in-game for another player in the same world (this includes tickets which you've already purchased using one of the above payment options). The buyer of the ticket decides what the ticket is to be used for. If a player is to get diamonds, for instance, then you may directly have their account credited with the diamonds, instead of giving them an unused ticket code. Besides diamonds, amber stones and premium status may also be redeemed on behalf of another player. For those who wish to pay for mercenaries with premium or diamonds, or simply to give credits to a friend as a gift, you may do this starting immediately.
  • Ticket codes have been eliminated. The system now automatically selects which tickets are to be redeemed. How many tickets you have, and how many of those are transferable, will be displayed for you on your in-game premium page.
  • It is also now possible to redeem multiple tickets at the same time.

Note: When a recruit redeems a ticket for their own account, the player who recruited them gets 3 days extra premium. On the other hand, if a recruit redeems a ticket for another player, the recruiter does not get the additional premium days.