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Wednesday, February 17th 2010, 5:23am

get rid of healing hut and reimburse horde with diamonds

I would like to suggest to get rid of the healing huts and reimburse horde with diamonds

I think the healing huts are the worst thing that Tag has implemented and I really dont think it was thought through very well before implementation

the negative impact of healing huts in my opinion is :

-it is extremely difficult for anyone in any oldish world to successfully create a new, serious and competitive horde (BOD has done it in W2 but only after a long time of being a merc horde in order to save up the diamonds for healing hut).

-it is impractical for hordes to naturally disband and another form or merge as no one in their right mind would give up a level 12 healing hut (hordes are now based around healing huts). For this reason there is a set amount of hordes which never changes

-is is no longer any big deal to be on the losing side in a battle. Losing a battle should be painful, even winning should come with some pain, a battle should not be painless. With the HH there is no pain at all (unless you are silly enough to fight for someone without a lv 12 HH, which I can only understand if there is some serious xp involved).

I think that the thought process that lead to the HH's was that the cost of healing after a battle was becoming prohibitive for high level players, they outgrew cave healing but instead of the HH, they could have simply made the cave healing a percentage as they have now. With feast you can fully heal in 4.5 hours (which is painful but bearable). For those without feast it would be 9 hours, this would have worked in GAS's favour as it would have encouraged more to have feast which a think would have had a higher long term ticket return for them than the HH's.

if they get rid of HH's and give the diamonds back to the horde and implement a similar pay as you go healing system to AI then the big spending hordes can still have a healing camp when they see they need and GAS can make some diamonds that way.



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Wednesday, February 17th 2010, 6:58am

Anyway, I think the real reason they added it was to encourage people to fight in more battles so worlds would take longer to die. There has to be a better way to do that, but I can't think of it, so.... OK, we need some form of free healing.

And I agree that, of the three games, AIW has by far the best version of this (clans pay for healing per battle), and TG has the worst. (HW is somewhere in the middle--individual players pay a ticket/month for healing, instead of the orders paying for it). Still, rather than just copy AIW, I'd like to see GAS come up with a new way of doing the same thing.

One more thing: The hut works a lot differently (and a lot better) in the German worlds. In the English worlds, nearly all of the huts were either bought by a single megatixxer, or by a group of mercs collecting diamonds late in the game. Over there, there are plenty of hordes that have 30+ active, premium, occasional-diamond-buying players, so getting the hut isn't nearly as much of a burden as it is here.

And yet, even with that advantage, it still doesn't work very well in German. Even for hordes that go through 3x as many diamonds/month as we do and spread them across 10x as many donators, 1288 is still a hell of a lot to come up with, and a hell of a lot to throw away. People take over dead hordes instead of creating new hordes in their own image. Real hordes, with real history, get turned into tournament hordes or xp-suicide hordes, and that's kind of sad to see.
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Wednesday, February 17th 2010, 9:13am

The new healing ratios have made the healing hut less of an issue, at least for me. With the feast and a lvl 20 cave it only takes 5 hours to be 100%, much better than before. I have found myself vol'ing for hordes that didn't have healing more often since the new update, like back when there were not huts. Another bonus, I ususaly get many more XP because people don't vol for the non hh horde.
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