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Wednesday, January 27th 2010, 9:16am

How to Play the Game Board

There are two things about the game board and the scoring:

1. There was a mistake made in the instructions. The scoring should read:

Points are scored from order and magical symbols on the stones placed on the Wheel of the Elements:

Two identical symbols: 100 points
Two times two identical symbols: 200 points
Three identical symbols: 300 points
Four identical symbols: 400 points

For each stone in the correct order (for example Water before Fire), you receive 50 points and for each stone not in the correct order (for example Water after fire) you lose 50 points. The selection of correct stones in order to get an optimal placement of symbols and colours is the challenge.

2. It was rather unclearly explained, and thus opaquely translated as well. Sorry, I noticed the strangeness last night myself, then looked into it today. I'll try to clarify the rules.

The object of the game is to close a circle of magical stones in the Wheel of the Elements. The movement of magical energy in the Wheel of the Elements is clockwise. The energy can only flow when the properties of the stones are correctly ordered:

Air (yellow) → Earth (green) → Water (blue) → Fire (red)

So, each of these elements following directly one after another earns +50pts for a maximum of 200pts for completing the circle of elements in order clockwise (where you begin doesn't matter). BUT, you only lose 50pts if the direct order is reversed. So, if you have Earth (green) followed directly by Air (yellow), then you get -50pts. However, if you have Water (blue) followed by Air (yellow), then you neither gain nor lose anything.

Think of them as pairs:

Air (yellow) → Earth (green)
Earth (green) → Water (blue)
Water (blue) → Fire (red)
Fire (red)Air (yellow)

When any pair of elements follow each other in the direction of the arrow you gain +50pts. When any of these pairs follow each other in the direction counter the arrow you lose -50pts. Every other order possibility results in nothing (ie, doubles - Air followed by Air, etc - elements not in a pair - Air followed by Water or Earth followed by Fire, or vice versa). Only the pairs of elements have an effect on one another, in relation to the elements the effects are nul.

In the example above we have 400pts.

A. We have three identical symbols = 300pts

B. Clockwise from centre-top we have Earth/GreenEarth/Green (0pts), Earth/GreenWater/Blue (+50pts), Water/Blue Fire/Red (+50pts), Fire/Red Earth/Green (0pts). That's 50+50 = 100pts for element order.

300 + 100 = 400pts total

I hope that helps for now.