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  • "Quibus" started this thread

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Monday, December 7th 2009, 12:01am

Arena Jacking

Seeing that discussing this in SB leads to a ban I open this in here.

One of my horde members has been Arena jacking today (and it has been done in the past)
And now people are condemming my entire horde for the actions of 1 person who isn't 1 of the horde leaders.
Personally It isn't something I would do because I like the Arena for normal exchange of experience between players and I don't encourage my horde members to arena jack.

But if he wants to do it, I'm not going to order him not to if he is willing to face the consequences it has for him personally.

As I look at it it is not much worse then having cows on rotation. Most cows are lower lvl and have 1 or more entire hordes after them.

All I ask is to let him face the consequences of his actions and not let my whole horde suffer from it.

Warlord of Chaos


Tuesday, December 8th 2009, 2:47am

Here's my thing.

Getting hit because you're a cow is your own fault But for 5 worlds its been generally accepted that people don't arena jack and if you do you get punished by the world.

Most people wouldn't want to be associated with an arena jacker, its the equivalent of someone who backs out of a tixx merc contract after.

Yes its not against the rules to arena jack. Its also not against the rules to rotate an entire Horde for the actions of one guy in the Horde.

Paradox has brought this on his Horde and they accepted it by not culling the behavior.

I'm not rotating anyone, but I don't feel bad for anyone who does get rotated because of this.


Tuesday, December 8th 2009, 4:15am

W4 had their issues with Painbringer to the point that two hordes got crushed due to his asshattery (Wu-Tang and END) and although Paradox claims he isn't PB, most of us suspect otherwise. If pressure on his horde is what it takes to correct his behavior, then so be it.


Wednesday, December 9th 2009, 11:07pm

I would highly recommend you all try to grow up.



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Saturday, December 12th 2009, 3:25am

06.12.2009 19:57
" He was tracked daily. we PMed his SF to everyone, cowed him out daily in mountains, disbanded his horde, and along the way he got his acct suspended "

This is the boasting of someone who considers himself on the 'good' side of w4 and w5.

Who is more evil, someone who states his intention on his profile, or someone who is part of a self-righteous mob?


Monday, December 14th 2009, 4:48pm

The arena is for testing yourselves against each other, not exp hunter. I dont see a problem here. Get over it.




Monday, December 14th 2009, 4:57pm

The arena is for testing yourselves against each other, not exp hunter. I dont see a problem here. Get over it.

yes if both parties go into the arena with all epuipement on its fair but when you arrange an arena for xp only you dont go into with weapons so jackers like paradox get free amber as the other party isnt prepared for his attack and thats basically theft m8. :thumbdown: