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Monday, July 29th 2013, 2:16pm

Survey about new battle declaration ruleset

Which change do you prefer?

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Option 1 - Premiumstatus


Option 2 - Formula


Option 3 - Minimum level

Dear players,

in the last weeks more and more attempts to abuse the new gameplay mechanics on merged worlds and harass other players with newly created “fake hordes” are made. This is done by creating hordes with newly created low-level characters, declaring night or blocking battles and then deleting the hordes again after the battle.

We created the merged worlds to increase the fun in Tagoria and to move the community a bit closer together, but not to create loopholes for harassment and griefplay. It goes without saying that we will take action. There are three possible solutions that we would like to discuss with you:

Option 1:

You need to have premium status to declare a battle. Starting premium is sufficient, the account actually has to turn in a ticket for premium. This option assumes that people are not willing to pay to harass other players.

Option 2:

This is formula based approach that takes the strength of the hordes into account.

In the first step the average levels of the hordes are compared. If the attacker has a higher average level the battle can be declared.

If not, than the attacker needs to have at least half as much members as the attacked horde and the average level of the attacker must be at least 20% of the attacked horde.

Option 3:

To declare a battle your horde needs at least 5 members of level 30 or higher and must have been created at least 48 hours ago. On new worlds this rule will be deactivated until the player levels are high enough that an enforcement of the rule makes sense.

Until 5.8.2013 you can discuss the options and cast your vote in the survey. We will then evaluate the results and implement the change that got the most positive feedback.

We look forward to your contributions!

Your Support Team