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Monday, April 30th 2012, 9:44am

Recruitment Contest - Tips & Hints

Dear Players,

to increase your chances in the recruitment contest, we have compiled a few tips and hints for successful recruitment. You can of course share any other tips you may have with other players here!

Advantages for Recruiters and Recruits

Even without the current contest, recruiting new players is still worthwhile: Every time your recruit wins an attack, 10% of the booty gets credited to you. Similarly, every time your recruit redeems a Premium ticket, you receive 10% of the return (Premium status, amber stones or diamonds). In both cases, the 10% won't be taken from the recruit - this bonus will be given to you in addition.

Your recruit also has an incentive if they register using your recruitment link: instead of 7 days' starter Premium, they get it for the first 9 days!

The Recruitment Link

Your most valuable tool during the recruitment contest is your recruitment link. Only players who register via your recruitment link and in the same world as you will be recorded as your recruit!

The link can be found under the Diplomacy tab (Menu Character → Diplomacy) below the Sitter settings. The link looks like this:
or in international worlds

Instead of XXXXX you will see your Account ID and instead of YYYYY there will be the ID for the world in which you play. Both of these identification numbers enable us to allocate new registrations to your account. If you're not sure whether you've used the correct recruitment link, you can ask us by sending a message to Support.

On this page you will also find an html code which displays the Tagoria Recruitment Banner along with your Recruitment Link if copied & pasted onto a homepage. (You can post this html code and thus incorporate it into other websites).

Spread the Word

You now have your Recruitment Link. Now you've just got to send it to people! You can use any medium imaginable to do this: emails, Facebook, Twitter, chat rooms, instant messenger, etc.

The best recipe for success will most likely be via private messages within your circle of friends and acquaintances, especially if you recommend Tagoria specifically to those friends and acquaintances with the same kind of hobbies and interests.

Social networks such as Facebook, Google+ or Twitter are perfectly suited to let your friends know about Tagoria. With just a few words you can highligh why you play Tagoria and what you like about it. The more convincing your text, the more recruits you'll receive as a result.

If you have your own homepage or a blog, you can inform your friends about Tagoria there. In this case we'd recommend using the Recruitment Banners - graphics always have more of an impact than text on its own.

There's also the potential for finding prospective recruits who are not in your direct circle of friends. For example, by incorporating your Recruitment Banner into your signature in the forum. The more relevant the forum is to Tagoria, then of course the better the chances of someone clicking on the banner. You can of course create your own thread, in which you introduce Tagoria and include your Recruitment Link. Please make sure that such threads do not come in breach of any forum rules.

You also have the option of posting your Recruitment Link in top lists, internet catalogues or on game sites. Here we'd also recommend the use of the banner.

Be Convincing

The more convincingly you present your Recruitment Links, the more likely you are to persuade people into following the link. So describe what you like about Tagoria and why it's so much fun in impressive terms, whether it's the varied missions, the exciting battles and tournaments, the great-looking items or simply the hilarious conversations in the Shoutbox. People will only click on your Recruitment Link if you arouse enough curiosity.

You can also increase your chances of success if you help your recruits in getting started with the game and answer any questions they may have. No-one likes playing on their own, and knowing you've got a veteran in your corner makes it a lot easier to take the plunge and sign up. It'd also be worth mentioning the advantage of the longer starter Premium.

We hope that these few tips have helped and encourage you to share your own tips with everyone here in this thread.

We wish you the best of luck and lots of fun with the Recruitment Contest!
Your Support Team


Monday, April 30th 2012, 9:50am

The following banners can be used, when sending around your Recruitment Link (some of them are in German, English versions are at the bottom):

1. 80x80

2. 88x31

3. 120x60

4. 120x600[/url]

5. 125x125

6. 160x600

7. 200x200[/url]

8. 250x250

9. 280x240[/url][/url]

10. 300x50

11. 300x60[/url]

12. 300x100[/url]

13. 300x250

14. 336x280[/url]

15. 468x60[/url]

16. 480x50

17. 480x70

18. 728x90[/url][/url]

Strictly English Banners:


Thursday, June 6th 2013, 12:24pm

These hints will still help you to get more recruits.