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Wednesday, December 29th 2010, 3:52am

Playing TAG, then and now

Roughly 2.5 years ago or so I started playing a game called Tagoria.

It was a good game at first, with some elements which weren't quite like any other game I had played before, and some which were like some other games I had played before. So, it wasn't entirely foreign to me or too difficult to learn how to play.

I heard about it through another game I played at the time, and still play, Holy-War, the predecessor to this game and GAS' first game. I'd heard they'd come out with a new game and that a number of other HW players were going to go check it out, and since I'd been playing HW for a while and liked it I figured I would take a look at this new game as well.

My initial impressions of the game were good, and so I decided to stay around and see how things went. After a day or two of playing, I joined a horde, and through a series of events I quickly became its captain. Premium status was cheaper with this game than other comparable games made by other companies too, so I figured that if one day I decided to become a paying player it would be more approachable than other games in that respect, as most of the other games seemed to cost twice as much if not more per month.

I didn't really have much of anything about the game I disliked back then, other than the minor annoyance of the amount of time it took to complete a full set of plunders/quests.

Fast-forward two and a half years though, and I have a number of things I dislike about the game. The first few were taking away the ability for non-premium players to declare battles, taking away the option to do weaponless arena fights (which completely killed the arena and made it a waste of time), along with one or two other things which I can't remember at the moment.

Then there were the recent updates and patches, can't sell to smithy for diamonds, can only sell diamond items at market and sometimes for considerably less than the seller would like, can't sell non-diamond items to other players, a fee to bid even if you do not win, 50% stall fee (that stall owner sure is a greedy merchant), broken fight script (changing stat balance seems to have little to no effect on plunder payouts and/or PvP fight results), the market being broken for several days in most if not all worlds as a result of the updates, penalties to those that owned items prior to the updates (new items get higher bonuses), tournaments which are a meaningless waste of amber (not worth the amber for what most players get in return), etc.

Now GaS occasionally starts with good ideas, but seems to make mistakes along the way towards implementation.

Example: tiers in the tournaments was a good idea. I'm not afraid to say that because I was the one who suggested it, over a year ago somewhere in the HW forums, I'm not sure where because I can't find the exact post. The mistake though was making the entry fee so high (I never suggested that part), and giving so little in return for the majority of players. I was online the day of the first tournament, and honestly I couldn't find a single person in either of the two worlds I actively play in who was satisfied with their reward.

Another problem: trying to find too many ways to make players pay for things.
Now, on the Tagoria home page it says "play for free now!" It does not say, "if you pay enough, the game might be playable," but if it continues on as it has lately it will most likely be downright unplayable for non-premium players and possibly the average premium player as well. As I see it, that's kind of getting away from the original business model, or at the very least becoming inconsistent with their advertising.

Honestly, it is possible to make money in a game without having to charge a fee to do every little thing. Just make a good game that is fun to play and where you can do just about everything in said game without having to pay a premium to do so, and trust me you will still make money. You shouldn't have to charge an arm and a leg to make money, and if you do you're probably doing something wrong... You'll probably make more money than if you were to charge for every little thing, especially because you won't have players leaving left and right because they can't stand having to pay so much. Make a good game that doesn't have outrageous fees for everything and you may even attract new players and be able to make even more money in the long run.

Well, that's the way I see it for now, take it for what you will.
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Wednesday, December 29th 2010, 8:57pm

Excellent, Redeemer.

That little 'walk down memory lane' in the beginning made me realize something: the original form of this game was all they were capable of handling. As the game grew, they couldn't expand it properly to handle the new demand, so they used other means to compensate for that; methods that were not constructive but were within their limited scope and understanding of game development... and destined to consume the game rather than propagate it. Even new ideas had to be closed-ended (self-sabotaging) or they would exceed the developers abilities (which they often do, anyway). Little wonder, then, that things have turned out the way they did.


Wednesday, December 29th 2010, 11:16pm

nicely said redeemer. I started in W1 for a couple of weeks then W2 on the first day. It was certainly a very different game back then. Players had a stronger sense of 'ownership' of the game. I recall posting the correct battle rules for when hordes could attack in the forum, as the stated rules were incorrect. the next day they were in the FAQ

real money could only get you so far, now you can use it to dominate completely. I guess all good things must come to an end



  • "Redeemer" started this thread

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Thursday, December 30th 2010, 9:03am

nicely said redeemer.
Thank you. :)
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Thursday, December 30th 2010, 1:16pm

I think it all went downhill when they changed the "no armor=big plunders" thing. From that moment on it was one bad idea after another...


Monday, June 11th 2012, 10:01pm

TOP 5 Why its so nice to play TAG

1. It only cost you a small fortune to play it
2. It is never a drag and full of different game options
3. changes are great to win Tournements and Dimension battle Hero awards
4. Everybody has the same change non prem and prem
5. As player and customer you are really valued




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Wednesday, June 13th 2012, 6:09am

Interersting bump ....


Wednesday, February 27th 2013, 7:50am

Oh the walk down memory lane from the first day of W1 to the random "I don't have anything better to do this month, lets see what changes happened in Tag" login....priceless