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Tuesday, February 28th 2012, 4:45pm

Tournament and DB registration messages

I just had an issue where I'm certain that I registered for the Master's Tournament, but wasn't placed in the leagues. unfortunately GAS couldn't help me without a date and time of registration. since i didn't note it down I was out of luck

my suggestion is that GAS developers have any tournament or db registration generate a message to the player so that they have evidence of registration in the event this happens again.

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Tuesday, February 28th 2012, 5:01pm

agrees 100%


Tuesday, February 28th 2012, 5:35pm

+1 duke ; i had the same problem in W6&w7 a month ago

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Tuesday, February 28th 2012, 5:57pm

:thumbsup: Absolutely do I agree with this...!! :thumbsup:

If a player has to register for any tourney or DB, then a notice of acceptance or such should be sent. Even jotting down the time, date etc. is not a true "in game" data of recognitions.

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