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Friday, December 9th 2011, 10:51am

I can copy some quotes of people who responded in this thread....but hey its all in here read it ..use it :D .


1) combining worlds whilst using the level and "age"of the worlds as the key factor to determine which worlds are put together, is the best option to effectivily merge worlds / servers.
2) in that case NO compensating factor is needed.
3) Domination will be the result of the "Horde Mountain rulership Idea".

##Then some more reponding on the arguments and ideas so fay in this thread.
nonsense ... younger world doesn't mean lower level ...
for a while the top level player was in a world 2 (not 1) and even older worlds have low levels ...

I mean sure there are more high level on a world 1 than on a world 6 but nevertheless some world 6 player are still higher level than some world 1 players ...
Not true in all cases!!

1) Its not only about the level its about the time somebody is already playing and thus have opportunity to gather ambers by farming / looting. Example; A level 40 from world ENG1 with no dias gear, non prem vs a level 50 from world ENG6 full set gear and prem, will lose PVP fight usually. But its because that charachtere of W6 is using a lot of money. Now when the same W6 char meet a certain level 39 W1GER with full storm gear (yes that was possible for a year ago) he will lose every PVP fight. I also see some non prem W1GER chars with almost 1300 stats. As far as I could find out the average of non prem level 40 chars is around 15% difference in favour of the "Old Worlds" (estimation).

Then about the remark that some players W6 are stronger then W1 ....yes naturally....same goes for ALL other worlds. But seriously merging W1 and W6 ??? Highest level W6 = 69 whilst in W1 = 91. In fact I took both worlds Top 100 ranking and the average of W6 = level48 vs level77 for W1. World 6 has 25 premium players in Top 100 vs World 1 has 38 premium in Top100. Not a good idea to merge both these worlds!

Keep in mind ....same thing goes for W1Eng when comparing it to W1 of GER / ITA / FR / SPAIN /PL ;)

2) I hope everybody is joining to fight another compansating factor for a certain group of players. I have already trouble with the factor already existing that make us lose from players who have 20-30% lesser stats and lesser gear. I SINCERLY HOPE that Gamedevelopment not only forget such an idea but also start to get rid of ANY strange and unexplainable factor out of the game. And dont tell me I have to compare with RL......This is a frigging GAME....NOT reality !!!

3) Mountain whats the point?? Another feature to get dias out of us ?? Please forget it.because already in W5 (and maybe other worlds also) "SuperHordes" with the highest level players are beeing formed so they have the BIGGEST and STRONGEST ..after the merge !!
Result for now is that argument, discussion and friction is going on in SB and peeps dont see any point of continuing the Game.

So the News of such a thing alone, (without clearafication ).....results in dying of your worlds ...faster :thumbdown: