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Thursday, February 19th 2009, 12:44pm

[NUCKS] Canuckleheads now recruiting!

Hello fellow drinkers! :)

The Canuckleheads, the best personality horde in all the EN worlds, are recruiting.

We are great fun, closely knit, with members that help each other, and 100% moose friendly.

We are also the only horde with THREE members in the top 10 levellers and FIFTEEN members in the top 100 booty gatherers. We also have the highest average level of all the hordes.

So if you're interested in a strong horde with fun, camaraderie and naughty humour, the NUCKS are perfect for you!

NOTE: To keep the horde strong we only ask that you please have at least 3.5 x level in your four main attributes (STR, DEX, AGI, STA).


The NUCKlord


Sunday, August 15th 2010, 12:52am

URGENT I want to donate

I do not have time to play anymore, however I have a bunch of scripts and diamonds that I would like to donate to you guys. It has been a long time. can someone respond asap or let me in to the horde to dump my diamonds? :!: :!: :!: