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Thursday, July 29th 2010, 9:13pm

KoD is Lo.oKing for New KnightS

@@@@@@@@@@@@ THE HORDE Of The Knights Of The DeaD @@@@@@@@@@

KoD is

!!!!!!!! Recruiting !!!!!!!!
!! Looking for PremiUm PlaYers !!

JOIN KoD Horde

LooKing For The GOOD Knights !!!

Searching for HoNoR, FaMe and GloRiE


If you want to have fun and learn to build your charactere......
If you din't play in a horde yet and want to find out........
If yur looking for some friends
Or JuSt Want lots of XP and Ambers
WE help You.....KoD teaches HoW


JUST be member of KoD !!!
Send in your AppliCation


@@@@@@@@@@ FULL Healers HuT July 2010@@@@@@@@@@@