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Wednesday, September 30th 2009, 4:45am


Its down right now for me not sure if its just me though


Tuesday, March 2nd 2010, 2:25am


Yeah Sal

Now it's effective :(

I see no solution :(

The support seems think this is not a problem, and shows clearly his disinterest - maybe it's worse, it's like the support wanted to close that world :(

But we are some who will not pay any cent more, nor premium, for another character, in another world - this is out of question, for we spent a lot of time (and money) for the one we have and high to excellency

White-Knight (French World 4, number 16, original character )
Le Survivant (French World 2, number 36, character got from clissonman nine months ago)
Dodeskaden (English World 2, number 8, character bought from MFM nine months ago)
Steeman (English World 3, number 97, original character)