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Saturday, October 24th 2009, 10:44pm

[TKT] The Knights Templar looking for Knights

We now have a level 11 Healing Hut and I plan to have it to level 12 by the first of the year. We have a good track record in battle but need some active higher levels to join.


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Wednesday, November 4th 2009, 11:46pm

Need one

We now have 9 members but I am still looking for one more preferably level 19 or higher. We have won our first three battles but need some strength. Come join and give me a reason to build the healing hut some more.



Monday, November 9th 2009, 3:37am

Still growing

We now have room for 6 new members and have raised the Healing Hut level to 7 giving horde members 65% heal after battle. Come join and be part of this battle horde.

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Tuesday, November 10th 2009, 11:50pm

Room for 4

Captain spot filled.