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Thursday, September 10th 2009, 5:48pm

GOOD 164 5 32.8
Currently Playing:
Tagoria w2 - krIV
Wolf Team, Aeria Games - Windowlicker
Combat Arms - Calliban (will return when they fix error -10)


Wednesday, September 23rd 2009, 11:31pm

up date, its been a busy few weeks. lot going on. lots of accounts and allie changing happening. should be interesting to see


Saturday, September 26th 2009, 3:54am

Will do normal comp tomorrow, probably, but thought this would be interesting. Here are the hordes, with their players' "places" on kiish's stat list. Came from latest update there today. Only covers those in top 150. 1st-25th red, 26-50th vio, 51st-100th black,
101-150th blue.

7ds 1,23,57,58,70,82,94
rofl 2,5,6,8,9,17,41,48,62,74,113,116,125,136,140
crazy 3,20,21,24,28,36,72,86,133
clan 7,15,16,22,34,37,54,55,56,59,60,68,75,81,95,96,99,100,109,115,134,135,142,145
elite 10,(13),14,27,46,47,50,53,69,76,77,78,86,91,98,121,128 (includes fafhrd, who still fights consistently for elite)
egypt 31,51,97,103,114,118,122,147,149
dh 32,44,64,83,110
evil 62,63,87,89,117,144,147,148
good 66,102,112
koks 106,107,133,139
sparta 124,126,131,150
army no one with a top 150 stat

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Saturday, September 26th 2009, 9:12pm

590 14 42.1 crazy (+1, +3.2)
309 8 38.6 dh (-1, +3.4)
682 18 37.9 rofl (-2, -0.9)
755 20 37.7 elite (-2, +1.0)
440 12 36.7 7ds (+1, +1.0)
1635 46 35.6 clan (0, +0.8.)
557 16 34.8 egypt (-2, +0.2)
167 5 33.4 good (0, +0.6)
628 20 31.4 evil (-1, +1.6)
489 16 30.6 koks (0, +1.1)
681 27 25.2 sparta (0, +1.5)
247 12 20.6 army (0, 0.4)

Summary of events:A number of top tier players changed hands or moved hordes. Dane was bought by old fugly and moved to elite. Francod was bought by old MFM and moved to crazy. Bombay was taken over by old neora, but has so far stayed in Rofl. Original rijobe returned and moved from rofl to crazy. Old deathstrike was take over and moved from egypt to 7ds. Masterviper left egypt. Zokolate has left game, but moved himself to crazy to be sat. Crazy was clear beneficiary of the moves, as to a lesser extent 7ds and elite. Rofl, clan, and egypt were all on the losing end. Shaping up to be four way race for strongest horde between Crazy, Elite, Rofl, Clan.


Wednesday, September 30th 2009, 9:49pm

you and knight hawk left clan ??? just saw that there. wow im guessing that weakens clan a bit. since we do all this high score boards now. we should start one for alliances . dont know why tho. what is the strongest these days .

and we need more battles. when was the last big one between two big hordes .

i had a pm about the mass battles that some people where thinking about but how would we work it. is it happening and does it mean that for people with out hordes just help who ever.