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Wednesday, September 16th 2009, 5:19am

Do you want a W4 Account?

I'm selling my W4 Account.
Level 29 Player.
BASE Stats:
Strength @ 233
Dexterity @ 176
Agility @ 106
Stamina @ 140
Accuracy @ 30
Weapon Damage @ 99/98 HP
Defense @ 77
Cave Defense Lvl 10
Cave Interior Lvl 16
Training points for character Costs: 7056

The Highest Level in W4 is a Level 35, so it's not that far off.
There's a large collection of healies
As of 16.09.2009 04:56
EP : 3971/4205
6 bulbs
32 roots
125 herbs
23 potions
1 Essense
(I use mostly roots for healing between plunders)

3 Runes off from completing Level 1 Circle of Fire
3 Runes off from completing Level 1 Circle of Water
Then 4 additional runes outside of those.

Premium membership is valid until:
15.10.2009 00:59

************PM ME IS YOU'RE INTERSETED**************
I am setting the price at the equilavent of 6 world 5 tickets in US Dollars
(Funds would need to be transferred through paypal)
I will still continue to plunder this account and keep it active,
but I will no longer buy any tickets or premium

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Wednesday, September 23rd 2009, 9:25pm

ACCOUNT HAS BEEN SOLD!!! :thumbsup: :thumbup: