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Monday, February 27th 2012, 1:21am

Author: Mortymen

Divine Favors, good or bad?

same for me too Duke ..or even worse if i use DF in DB i get min xp and few fight and w/o get much more...same in usual battles at wins vs loses or damage done (when use DF it's like i sleep in battle if u know what i mean)

Monday, February 27th 2012, 1:17am

Author: Mortymen

International Universe

i don't have an acc on international world ..but i can say that it will not be a good idea least most of ppl will not be able to buy nothing anymore ..the reason is that if international world will be its own universe as Cosmobu said then all the high lvl in there will make lots of Di from selling to lower ppl stuff for a great price and if this will happen then u'l ask to be again like it is now just to be able to buy good stuff for a very cheap price

Sunday, February 19th 2012, 10:15pm

Author: Mortymen

Conquering territory

i like the idea and i've played some games like that in past ..except the fact that i was too adicted to them and had to quit because no sleeping time left between game and game all of them was great and i think this will make TAG much better @Phantom what u don't understand is that AoA is talking about those big and mean horde where only high lvl are inside and who join battles as mercs (hired individualy or as some hordes do for a good payment with all horde against who contracter want) t...

Saturday, December 18th 2010, 12:02am

Author: Mortymen

Totally NOT Agree with the difference in HP /DEF gear

yeah noticed all this too...good for me because i ME'd all storm set yesterday (in w6) and not before last update even if i already had all but it still not good and i think GAS should do something to change HP to be same for all items no matter when they was bought or ME'd/SE'd...same thing happened when they changed few items who had 4 and 5 slots and made them to have only 3...about this those who already ME'd 4-5 slots have them and the item will lose them if they sell it anyway this is just...

Saturday, December 18th 2010, 12:00am

Author: Mortymen

Rares after update

the druid knows that i smoke to he and Gods only give me bulbs all the time...from time to time few root or very "rare" a herb ...some DF and once at every 2-3 months i get a rune...but no item from a long time here

Friday, December 10th 2010, 8:19pm

Author: Mortymen

The reference of players of Russian worlds!

Quoted from "Murloc" But they told us that the changes were VERY popular in all worlds and languages. Not Russian worlds I guess, definitely not English worlds, the German players are deeply upset. So I wonder who these mysterious players that like the updates are? Mur the worlds where all this is popular are FANTOM 1 to X...GHOST 1 to X and more others lol...for sure not the playable worlds if u ask me

Friday, December 10th 2010, 6:58pm

Author: Mortymen

Petition for non-premiums to use auction

agree...we all should have acces to use it no matter if we are prem or not...this is what i think

Monday, October 25th 2010, 7:55pm

Author: Mortymen

Account for sale

Quoted from "roandraak" I assume you're one of the best players. Which spend a lot of time in this game. I say: What The **** You're gonna miss this, please stay. can't say that i'm one of best...but yes i spend a lot of time with this game and i hate to see all my friends quiting because of GAS...even if i'l quit w2...i'l still be in w6 ...for now i'l stay more in both but can't say for how long Also new in my account from W2 - Flaming Armour (lvl80 - DB set) ...and other small changes

Friday, October 15th 2010, 10:38pm

Author: Mortymen

Account for sale

Account name is same as here - Mortymen lvl69 and will be lvl70 in few days ... EP: 23605 / 23805 Strength: 712 - total STR: 849 Dexterity: 489 - total DEX: 562 Agility: 282 - total AGI: 335 Stamina: 364 - total STA: 399 Accuracy: 97 - total ACU: 155 total HP: 258 / 221 total DEF: 201 Cost per stat - Costs: 65025 amber ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Info about pet: lvl59 M-L (smilodon - will be changed with a lvl70 pet after i lvl up) EP: 33723 / 34811 Life points 17310 / 17310 Strength: 437 Dexterity: 225 Ag...

Friday, October 15th 2010, 9:32pm

Author: Mortymen

Account For Sale

Quoted from "bombay sapphire" wooops I'm a dork...sorry Grif u can say it again my dear Bomb